i am not your typical family photographer. i am a parenthood journey photographer inspired to do two things through my images of your parenthood journey...

honor my son, leo.

i lost him half way through pregnancy on may 24, 2018. it was the hardest experience of my life and yet my sweet baby boy showed me how special and short this life is. i create parenthood imagery to remind families to slow down and just be together, to explore and go on adventures, to show and express their love. i create parenthood imagery to help cherish this moment so you can have beautiful images to look back on, to celebrate your family just as you are. every family i photograph helps me honor my sweet leo and i am forever grateful.

capture you and your people, exactly as you are.

together we will create a space for you and/or your people to just be yourself. every single one of my clients (turned friend, obvi) has a similar reaction after viewing their images "you captured our souls, you captured exactly who we are." this is how you will feel when you look through your gallery. if you want to slow time down, celebrate who you and your people are in this moment, or be reminded of how beautiful you and your life truly are...then i am probably the photographer for you.

more about me

some random things we might connect on... or just a small way to get to know me better

i am a mom to two boys: sweet leo, who i lost half way through pregnancy, and oliver, our happy and wild rainbow child.

i am married to the red-head love of my life, nick. he is one of the funniest people i know.

i've watched all of the marvel movies countless times.

i love gardening and am constantly learning (to be clear, learning means many plants don't make it...haha) and it keeps me connected to leo.

traveling with the hubs, and now oliver, is the best. one of my favorite places in the world is snow canyon state park. the night sky there is unmatched.

i find joy in slowly decorating and updating our home with a mid-century, boho/eclectic vibe. even though we have been in oregon since february of 2022, it is still a work in progress. it is probably something we will always be working on.

here are some every day, cell phone pics of me and my guys livin' the good life.

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