For many parents, family photos can be stressful. Today I am focusing specifically on how to enjoy the session. It is REALLY easy as parents for us to focus on how our kid(s) are behaving, wanting them to look at the camera and smile instead of making silly faces or being serious, maybe even crying! Here is my best advice: DON'T WORRY about what your kid does during the session. Instead, focus more on interacting with them.

During the session pictured below, these twins literally spent a lot of the time running, mostly away, from me and mom. You know what I loved most? Mom was fine with it. She let her daughters be exactly who they are. She didn't try to make them sit down or smile at the camera (I think she also knows her daughters have strong personalities and it would have been a lost cause...haha!). See more from this session here.

During the below two sessions, all these boys wanted to do was move. Walk. Run. Anything but sit still.

As parents I know we often feel like the behavior of our children is a reflection of how we are doing as parents. I totally get it! Oliver, my 11 month old, hasn't been around too many people because of the pandemic and when we go for walks he has this judgy stare for anyone who walks by us...sometimes I feel bad but I mostly think it's funny! With me, your session is a safe place for your kid(s) to be who they are without you feeling like they need to be anything else! First, because I know you are doing an amazing job as a parent. Second, my job is to observe and document so you have beautiful images that are truly you.

Don't worry, I will give direction during your session, but at times I won't. As I always tell parents at the beginning of every session...there is a method to the madness, I promise. Also, I am pretty aware when parents might be feeling like we aren't getting good pictures during a session because their kid is running away or not listening. I will show you some photos during the session to help put you at ease!

Another thing, if letting your kids be who they are means they get dirty, let them! If it is small stuff I can photoshop it out. If they jump into a puddle of mud, that's definitely staying in the image and it will be perfect, it will be exactly who your kid is :) One thing I can promise, if you spend the session simply enjoying quality time with your family, you will be truly happy with the outcome!

Want more insight on what it is like working with me? Check out this blog post, where a mom of 6 shares her experience. Ready to just enjoy some quality time with your family and get meaningful images to remember this time? Get in touch to book your session!