Finding the perfect outfit for the whole family can take a lot of time. I personally start planning a couple of months ahead for our little family because I don't like making last minute decisions and then being unhappy with an outfit! While I have a blog post that is very helpful with how to think about outfits for the whole family, I thought a blog post on outfits for spring would be timely. After asking you on Instagram what you'd love to see with an outfit post, you said you'd like to see outfit inspiration with links to specific items, so here we are!

Here is how I conceptualized these four family outfits below:

  1. I started with mom for each family outfit you see below. As a mom, I know how important it is that I feel pretty/comfortable in my outfit choice because my mood will likely be the biggest influence on how the rest of the family feels for the session! I knew in my search that I prefer warm, neutral colors. Those always photograph best with my editing style.
  2. Next, I focused on the kids. I am pretty obsessed with jumpsuits and dresses, which you will see below. Depending on mom's outfit, one or both kids had an outfit with a pattern.
  3. Lastly, I chose outfits for dad. Dad is typically easiest to style and probably cares the least about what he wears for the session. Granted, this isn't true of all dads, but I still find dad easiest to style!

As you will see in the outfits below, I really love neutral, warm colors and I assume most folks would describe the style as "boho". I wanted to include one family outfit at the end that was a little more monochromatic because I think that is always in style and looks especially good in a city setting.

Outfit One: Neutral, Boho Style

Outfit Two: Warm, Boho Patterns + Neutrals

Outfit Three: Warm, Casual Boho Vibes

Outfit Four: The Monochromatic Fam

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