What should my family and I wear for our session? This is something that most parents wonder about once they book a session (or even before!). You can find a million opinions and advice all over the internet these days...and none of them are right or wrong! I will share my advice to help you plan out what to wear for your session. The way I have broken out this post is in two parts: 1. general suggestions 2. pictures with specific reasons why these outfits worked so well for my clients.

Be Authentic

Pick outfits that feel natural and comfortable for you and your family. Sure, you can totally dress it up a bit, but everyone should feel good in their outfits. If anyone doesn't, it will show in your images!

Stay Neutral

Wear generally neutral clothing (e.g. stay away from fluorescent colors, clothing with large logos or characters, bold patterns on multiple people, etc.). This ensures you and your family are the focus of the images and not your clothing. Have the family wear complimentary colors, but please do not have everyone wear the same thing. I personally like warmer colors like browns/tans, mustard, rust, burnt orange, pinks, ivory, black, and green (even though it is not technically a warmer tone!). I think warmer tones look better with my editing style and many of my favorite locations - the desert, open fields. Cooler colors of course work too and look especially nice with greenery and in the city.

Start With One Outfit

I always suggest starting with one outfit, typically mom, and build around that outfit. You'll notice as you scroll through the below images that there is usually one outfit that stands out in each family. For my moms, you will see in all of my below images the mom has on a dress, skirt, or a jump suit. I personally think these photograph best. BUT that doesn't mean other types of outfits won't look good!

Shoes Should Compliment

In general, shoes should not be the focal point of your images. They should look good with your outfits, compliment the colors you have selected. For my moms, totally ok to bring a pair of shoes for walking and another one for the images! Sometimes, even going barefoot for images looks perfect!

Accessories + Personal Items Welcomed

I will stress again to be authentic! If you (I am talking to mom here) are someone who loves hats, wear one! Jewelry, absolutely. Scarf, sure! Just don't let any of these items completely take away from your family. Another option is to add these accessories in for some shots and not for others. Personal items are something I think makes sense for the kiddos to be comfortable and have fun at a session. Does your son love his stuffed animal or his cars? Awesome, bring his favorite! We can get some images of your kids being exactly who they are with these items and we can remove the items for some of the images as well!

Procrastination Is Not Your Friend

Plan ahead rather than waiting until the last minute to put outfits together, it can add stress that just doesn't need to be there when preparing for your session. For the kiddos, get them excited and pumped about the session by involving them with picking their outfit. Moms, treat yo' self and get that dress you've been wanting!

Leverage Me!

For my clients, I am here to be as hands-on or hands-off as you want! Want to send me images of the outfits you are considering? Yes! Want me to send you links to outfits I am loving from some affordable places? Sure will! You already super stylish and don't need my help? You do you!

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I love the warmer tone of moms skirt. Notice her son has one of his toys with him but it doesn't take away from the image at all and I would say he looks pretty happy! Also, mom has some really cute hair pins and shoes!

family photo outfits desert, what to wear for family pictures, arizona family photographers

Honestly, I loved her daughters outfit. Her little bows on her pigtails, her moccasins, coordinating corduroy dress to moms corduroy skirt, and her simple bracelets.

what to wear family photos, arizona family photographers, flagstaff family photographer

Velour jumpsuit, yes please! Clearly moms outfit is the "standout" here! The rest of the family has neutral, complementing outfits. And her daughter has a cute headband with a bow.

what to wear family photos, gilbert family photographer, phoenix family photographer

Some cooler tones that look good, especially in that location! Mom has on a jumpsuit that serves as the "standout" outfit for the family, while all of the boys have on more neutral clothing. Also, notice moms cute sandals.

family photo outfits desert, what to wear for family pictures, arizona family photographers

This family has some warmer tones which look aaaamazing in the desert. Gimme all the burnt orange dresses and mustard toddler jeans please! Their outfits are simple and neutral, with complimentary colors.

family photo outfits desert, what to wear for family pictures, arizona family photographers

I also love the shoes each person has on for this session because they looked so good with each individual outfit and did not stand out in the images, instead they complimented.

family photo outfits desert, what to wear for family pictures, arizona family photographers

Again with the warmer tones and the desert, it is just magical. Notice how mom has on a dress with a pattern while dad and baby are more subdued. Also dad has some style...did you see his coat and shoes?!

family photo outfits, what to wear for family pictures, arizona family photographers

Here the family is wearing cooler tones and it looks great. Everyone is wearing neutral clothing and mom is showing off that bump!

Ready To Book?

Now that you know planning outfits doesn't have to be difficult AND you will have my support throughout the process, are you ready to book your session for the fall if you haven't already? Click below to get started so we can capture the magic of your parenthood journey!